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Appy hour - Fresh Deglet Nour bites

So many traditional appetizers focus on heavy and filling carbs paired with some form of dairy. The classic cheese & cracker or oven-baked goodies routine may not be suitable for all dietary restrictions and can leave some guests feeling left out of the "warm-up" to the feast.

Stuffed dates are an easy and healthy alternative to the hors d'oeuvres scramble providing both dietary flexibility and extraordinary taste! Not to mention, all that tasty fibre will help with digestion after the feast comes to an end.

We love the idea of using fresh and seasonal ingredients in appetizers to showcase the colours and flavours of the season! In Beautiful BC there is no shortage of juicy fruits and vegetables to choose from during the warm summer months! Stuffed dates can include sweet, savoury, dairy, charcuterie, nuts, cheeses, etc. The list of possibilities is endless!

All you need is a good Sahara Delights Deglet Nour fresh date and some imagination!

In need of some inspiration? Visit Recipe Runner for an interesting twist on summer bites with their Prosciutto wrapped goat cheese stuffed dates recipe!

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