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Grilled - Spiced Leg of Lamb

A little spice, a little garlic, a little fire and whole lot of juicy lamb is the recipe for the perfect summer dinner party!

We've done some grilling tests and compiled a few grilling tips for every cook to keep in mind when attempting to grill a leg of lamb.

Lamb is easy to grill so don't just think about doing it, actually do it! The meat is best showcased when prepared medium to medium rare or approximately 145* FH. If you have a meat thermometer, this would be time to dust it off and use it!

Medium heat is also key since it allows the natural fats to slowly infuse the lamb with rich, decadent flavour while shedding away excess fat over the fire.

Rivale Foodies also recommends using quality olive oil in your marinade! This recipe marinates a butterflied leg of lamb overnight - which is in our view, the only way to prep that perfect lamb centrepiece for your next family dinner or summer dinner party!

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