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The Perfect Green Smoothie Debunked!

Noticed all those green smoothies at your local coffee shops, cafes and eateries? Ever tried making your own version at home and felt the product was a bit lack lustre?

Rivale Foodies has scanned the world wide web and found the greatest guide to help you perfect the art of the green smoothie at home! With this simple checklist by Beth at Simple Yummies your mind and soul will be happy and most importantly HEALTHY all summer long!

Sahara Delights offers some great ingredients to add to your green smoothie list:

- Fresh Deglet Nour Dates

- Date Sugar

- Date Spread

Sahara Delights' fresh dates, date sugar and/or date spread can be added as an all natural, fibre rich sweetner to all your smoothie recipes but are especially sneaky in the green recipes! Why? they help balance out the often tart or grassy flavour from the "greens" themselves! If you're someone who is not the most keen about drinking kale, parsley, or spinach then the Sahara Delights products are for you!

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