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Cheers - Luxe Kir Royal

The french have never been accused of lacking in the department of joie de vivre and the same can be said of their exceptional culinary gifts that we at Rivale International are proud to bring to your table!

Hosting a bridal shower, baby shower, fabulous girls' brunch or intimate date night for you and your sweetheart? Get the party started with this classic french cocktail - the Kir Royal!

Traditionally, the Kir Royal is made with Champagne (which we fully support), however, not everyone consumes alcohol and we don't want anyone to miss out on the exceptional experience of sipping a Kir Royal under the luscious summer sun!

Whether you're pregnant, the designated driver, or simply do not consume alcohol the "Luxe Kir Royal" is for you! Without sacrificing taste or flavour our remixed version of Laylita's classic cocktail will be the hit at any event and have everyone drunk on non-alcoholic bubbles!

Instead of the champagne, opt for our Nutriluxe Paris Apple & Cassis sparkling juice, mix with your choice of liqueur - usually blackcurrant is used, but if you're feeling adventurous opt for pomegranate or blackberry. Garnish with your choice of berries!

For added texture we love freezing our blackberries in advance and enjoying lovely frozen bites as we sip the Nutriluxe Paris version of the classic Kir Royal.

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