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Sweet Delights Series - Vegan & Gluten Free Mini Powdered Donuts

You know that sweet, tantalizing smell of sugar and cinnamon that radiates across amusement parks and fairs country wide every and all summer? You know, those tasty mini donuts that catch your nose from a distance?

Now you can make and enjoy mini donuts guilt-free - without the animal products, sugar or gluten! How?? Just check out this revolutionary recipe by Natalie over at Feasting on Fruit!

Using both fresh dates and date sugar in this mini donuts recipe provides the sweetness we all love without the negatives of eating sugar! Never forget, Sahara Delights' all natural line of fresh dates and date products contain no additives, preservatives or artificial flavours or colours. What you get is whole, raw ingredients that are good your taste buds and belly!

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