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But last, coffee.

The Tuareg people of Algeria's Sahara Desert can be traced back to the 5th Century BC by Greek Historian, Herodotus.

They are a nomadic people whose traditions and cultural practices have survived the test of time, civil wars, and an ever sedimentary trend in modern domestic societies.

The men, at age 25, begin wearing an indigo blue veil and wear this garment for the remainder of their lives, hence the nickname "Blue Men of the Sahara".

Tuareg people live in Lybia, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Algeria. Nobody knows where they came from or truly originated. Current accepted history identifies the Tuareg as being of Berber routes. The word Tuareg can loosely be translated to mean "free men".

During their long and tiresome travels taking the Tuareg across the Sahara Desert delivering and selling goods along the merchant routes. Products from all over the region passed through the camelback sacks of the Tuareg - merchants, nomads, "free men".

As far as Tuareg food culture goes, not much is known of their "traditional" diets or recipes, however, two things for which they are known is mint tea or "atay" and coffee.

Rivale International is honoured to present its own date seed coffee! Prepared by Tuareg people in the traditional methods and made from 100% all natural Deglet Nour date seeds.

A caffeine free hot beverage that can be consumed after dinner, during the day, or in the morning! A truly versatile and healthy alternative to the conventional cup of joe. Date Coffee is smooth, delicate and gentle on the body.

Rich in antioxidants and contain more natural sugar than any other fruit! Date seeds provide an optimal amount of dietary fiber and potassium, as well as treating the body to an array of vitamins and mineral salts.

Every sip goes down with a velvety finish - save the best for last! Sahara Delights Date Seed Coffee!

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