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Sahara Delights products are 100% all natural, gluten free, vegan, non-GMO, and paleo with no added ANYTHING. They are gifts from nature and artisan made. 
Sahara Delights products are made from the All Natural Authentic Algerian Deglet Nour variety of date which is known as the "Queen" of dates. It is distinguished from other date varietals by its light translucent colour and its honey, nutty like taste. 
The Deglet Nour dates in our line of Sahara Delights products are a naturally occurring cultivar that are grown in various desert oases of North Africa. Ours are from the Algerian Sahara. Algeria's Sahara is the largest area of the world's largest desert. 
Rivale International is very pleased to be able to bring the goodness of our Sahara Delights brand of all natural products to North America to be enjoyed as a daily part of a healthy and food loving lifestyle.  
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Olive Oil

From high in the Atlas mountain range, home of the indigenous Kabyle people of Algeria, comes this stone milled and cold pressed olive oil. Sahara Delights Olive oil is brought to you using ancient techniques passed down over generations. A one of a kind artisan olive oil full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and bold flavour.  

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