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Oh Canada! Gluten Free Beaver tails 4 ways!

There are several reasons why Canada is the greatest country in the world but edible beaver tails may not be the first thing that pops into your mind! Let alone, GLUTEN FREE beaver tails!

Rivale Foodies has a deep appreciation of all things that make the true north a place worth celebrating all year, but we thought we'd up the ante this Canada Day long weekend!

Did you know that 1 in 133 people in Canada has some kind of intolerance to gluten? These sensitivities vary from gluten-sensitive all the way to Celiac disease. It is often difficult to find a truly "gluten free" option when eating out as many restaurants, bakeries and the like offer food which contains no gluten in the recipe/plate itself but is made using the same tools or gluten containing products as "gluten-full" foods.

For someone with Celiac, these options are not options at all! Hence, the beauty of easy, homemade recipes that make it possible for people with Celiac disease to enjoy all the greatest Canadian eats without fearing for their gastrointestinal health!

The House has created this amazing list of Canada Day Beaver tails which are gluten free and vegan!

Instead of opting for coconut sugar, try our Sahara Delights date sugar - which contains a diabetic friendly level of glucose and is rich in fibre. As if you needed more reasons to make these beaver tails this July 1st?!

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