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Cheers - Luxe French 75

The French 75 cocktail was first poured in 1915 at a bar in Paris, a mixture of Champagne, gin, lemon juice and sugar. It was said to have the kick of a French 75mm field gun, thus the name.

For all those non-drinkers out there, Rivale Foodies brings you yet another classic cocktail without the need for the booze! Nutriluxe Paris Apple and Lemon Peel sparkling juice is the perfect substitute for the bubbly and gin in this recipe! If you're happy to have the alcohol however, we still love the Luxe version which replaces the meyer lemon juice and lemon syrup with Nutriluxe.

Providing a perfect balance of zingy citrus flavour and sweetness, Nutriluxe Paris Apple and Lemon Peel is the next best thing to the Grand Cuvée champagne we've all grown to know and love! We've got a member of our Rivale team who is currently pregnant and she swears that nothing can satisfy her thirst for bubbly quite like Nutriluxe!

Pop. Fizz. Clink!

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