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Sweet Delights Series - Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Paleo and Vegan Date Squares

Ever wondered if your sweet tooth could be satisfied with something that is gluten free, dairy free, paleo, vegan and raw? The short answer is YES!

With Sahara Delights all natural products, not only can "free of everything fun" foods be good for you but they might just blow your little taste buds out of the park!

Although many conventional recipes call for Medjool dates, we at Rivale International are thrilled to provide a higher quality fresh date, the Deglet Nour, and date based products to elevate your dining experience and ensure your baked goods are truly sweet delights!

If you've never baked with dates before, there is a crucial detail to consider, the date pits! Our fresh variety of honey-like fresh Deglet Nour dates come with the pit inside while our Sahara Delights date paste is a faster, more convenient baking tool for the healthy busy body who may not want to spend the time removing pits.

We love this recipe from Megan at Detoxinista! Full of natural fibres, sugars and good for the soul sweetness, these GLUTEN FREE, DAIRY FREE, PALEO, VEGAN AND RAW (yes you read that correctly) date squares will be gone before you can Instagram a photo of them!

GF, Veg., Paleo, DF Date Squares

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