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It's a date!

Nothing says "you're special" like a freshly baked homemade pie!

Hosting a family event or attending one? Try adding some Sahara Delights fresh Deglet Nour dates and other gourmet date products into your menu!

This amazing pie was made using our date paste, fresh dates and date sugar. The result? An incredibly decadent and fibre rich desert suitable for any meal plan and better yet, can easily accommodate wheat, dairy, gluten and egg free diets!

Sahara Delights date paste replaces the density found in traditional gluten based products and acts as both a thickener and binding agent for all your favourite recipes!

Check out this great Maple Pecan Pie recipe from Daryn at Running on Real Food! Raw, vegan, paleo and gluten free!

Staying healthy does not mean giving up on taste and we are honoured to be apart of this movement! Sahara Delights will brighten your meal plan while keeping you not track!

Delicious can be nutritious!

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