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Sahara Delights wins Top 10 Most Innovative Products of #GSFSHOW17!

We enjoyed some glorious weather in Vancouver, British Columbia at The Vancouver Convention Centre today! The first day of Spring and the first day of the #GSFShow17!

We are showcasing our full line of products: Sahara Delights and Nutriluxe Paris!! With so many quality options in the marketplace, we wanted to set ourselves apart and make a mark during our product line debut. What we believe in is our story.

We stand by our products because we know that they are all 100% wholesome and 100% natural. All of our juices, olive oil, fresh dates, and date products are raw, vegan, paleo, gluten free, kosher, with no added preservatives, additives, colouring or flavouring.

Our goal is to provide gourmet food products to make even a casual dinner party with friends feel like a truly special occasion. Stay tuned to our blog for recipes on how to use our products in your kitchen!

We are honoured to place 8th in the Top 10 Most Innovative Products competition! Our team had a very productive day and enjoyed the opportunity to present Sahara Delights and Nutriluxe Paris to the industry experts.

Doors open at 11am tomorrow (March 21, 2017) and we are looking forward to another enjoyably day! Come by for our fresh dates and products, a sample of Nutriluxe Paris juice, or to chat artisan olive oil.

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