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Direct from the Dunes - Tinariwen rocks the Chan Centre!

It is not everyday that a Grammy award winning band of Tuaregs performs in Vancouver. So when they do, you better be at the show!

In 2011, Tinariwen took home the Grammy Award for best World Music Album "Tassili" (2011). The band was founded in Algeria in 1979 and while the group had no official name, people began to call them Kel Tinariwen, which in the Tamashek language translates as "The People of the Deserts" or "The Desert Boys."

Surrounded by the natural beauty of the University of British Columbia's rose garden and the breathtaking acoustics of the Chan Centre for Performing Arts, the band of North Saharan Tuaregs from Mali and Algeria performed their latest album, Elwan. A divine and eclectic mix of tribal Tuareg sounds, percussion and guitar.

The 7 performers transitioned between fast-paced and mellow jams that brought a captive audience to their feet for a roaring standing ovation and encore!

We were lucky to be part of the magical evening of music and more importantly multi-culturalism. All of the band's music is written and performed in Tamashek language, a detail which did not seem to affect the many audience members who could not help but dance during the truly enchanting performance.

Much like our precious desert truffles, these Saharan exports are a rare glimpse into a world of wonder. They sing about freedom, love, loss and family. Themes which are familiar to all people and, as we saw at last night's show, have the power to unite all creeds, ethnicities, ages and genders.

Rivale International brings you gifts from nature with a hope that our products can bring people together over a meal regardless of language, race, age, gender, or religion. Food, much like music is universal to all people.

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