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Brunch styles with Nutriluxe Paris

Nutriluxe Paris juices are all natural and made from 100% pure juice - none of that "concentrate" in our luxurious line of sparkling and still juices. We spent a rainy West Coast Sunday enjoying some sweet and savoury treats paired with none other than our sparkling apple-blackcurrant Nutriluxe Paris bubbly!

My daughters and I enjoy exploring our local cafes, eateries and bistros for great brunch menus! We've treated ourselves to everything from high tea at the lovely TWG on West Georgia street, to mother's day delights at Yew Seafood + Bar, or the hearty bowls at Victoria-native Jam Cafe.

The best part about brunch is indulging in some sweet treats with a side of savoury eats and of course bubbles! Nutriluxe Paris is all natural, contains no added sugar, is made from pure fruit juice and contains no concentrates. On this rainy Sunday, we opted for a homemade pick-me-up. A simple way to relax, chat and catch up over timeless classics with a toast of alcohol-free bubbly!

To celebrate the launch of Nutriluxe Paris in Canada at an upcoming gourmet and specialty food trade show, we spent the Sunday afternoon sipping tea, sampling chocolate tarts, and refreshing our palettes with cucumber, dill and goat cheese tea sandwiches. For desert? Pistachio, chocolate and red velvet macarons!

Pop. Fizz. Clink!

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