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Grilled - The "Best" Chicken Marinade

Tan lines and barbecues are synonymous with "summer" and with a few short weeks until the season's best activities kick off, we at Rivale wanted to prep you and your meats for a summer of epic grilling!

Not everyone loves chicken but with the right marinade a chicken-hater might quickly change their tune! Packed with good-for-you lean protein, chicken is an ideal choice as a main or as a savoury topping in a fresh salad!

Mom on Timeout has vetted this marinade recipe and we love that one of the key ingredients in the "best chicken marinade ever" is vinegar! The acidity and sweetness in vinegar make it an ideal ingredient in any marinade because it helps to break down tough protein tissue in meats making the finished product juicy and tender! Although this recipe calls for balsamic vinegar, we STRONGLY suggest using our Sahara Delights date vinegar - the perfect choice for the culinary master or hobby-chef!

Date vinegar is rich in antioxidants and is way way lower in sugar than most vinegars - without the acidity you'd find in white vinegar or apple cider vinegar.

Grab some chicken and get your grill fired up - the season for grilled eats is fast approaching!

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